Organization for the utilization of the graduate qualification work while the demands for the look of work

Organization for the utilization of the graduate qualification work while the demands for the look of work

The subjects of Graduate qualification work (GQW) that exist to graduates are formulated because of the division prior to the kinds and tasks of professional activity suggested in the system of higher professional training. Students are given the directly to choose or provide the topic associated with GQW therefore the adviser that is scientific.

The selection and approval associated with theme of this graduation work

The subject of diploma works is manufactured by the division no later than year ahead of the final end associated with the training.

The lists of pupils authorized by the department, indicating the selected topics and the appointed leaders, are submitted for approval to your rector associated with college for issuing your order in the college.

A change that is significant the topic of the GQW, along with the replacement for the head of this last qualifying work (following the issuance for the order when it comes to college) is permitted limited to a legitimate explanation in line with the decision associated with the department no later than six months before the end associated with training. The division provides assistance with the business and utilization of the GQW into the following areas:

  • - development and distribution of GQW themes to your approval;
  • - organization of pupils’ selection of those GQWs;
  • - definition and appointment of clinical leaders associated with the GQW;
  • - functional management, control and organizational assistance to students along the way of preparing the GQW;
  • - control of the grade of reviewing work.

Your head associated with the verification is organized by the department for the progress into the utilization of the WRC and establishes the due dates for students to report on the progress associated with work.

The key duties associated with relative head associated with the graduate work

The duties for the medical leader associated with GQW are:

  • - the development of the assignment for the pupil to do the work;
  • - support into the growth of a time-table;
  • - assistance in determining the thing and topic of research, in compiling a bibliography, formulating a theory, the point and objectives for the work;
  • - advising students on the company of empirical work, conversation and analysis associated with results;
  • - checking the caliber of work and strategies for protection in the meeting regarding the department;
  • - advising graduates in preparation for security;
  • - planning of overview of the job.

The department hears reports of scientific leaders on the degree of readiness of the GQW and decides on admission of the student to protection at the end of the work, not later than one month before the State Attestation. At precisely the same time, issue of appointing reviewers from among experts associated with the appropriate certification (or this branch of real information) will be decided.

General demands for the look associated with GQW

The amount of the bachelor’s master’s work, such as the introduction, the main part and in conclusion, should really be 35 – 50 pages of text without considering the list of information sources and applications; graduate qualification work of a professional – 50 – 85 pages, master thesis – at the very least 75 pages. In addition, the master’s thesis ought to be combined with an abstract in volume of 1 web page of text.

Graduate qualification work is carried out, as a guideline, by typewritten or computer technique. The text is positioned using one side of a sheet of A4 paper, printed through 1.5 computer intervals making use of the 14th font size. The writing web page should contain 29-31 lines. The text should really be formatted from the left and right margins associated with the page.

The indentation must be the equal and same to 5 figures. The length amongst the title regarding the chapters plus the subsequent text should be corresponding to three intervals. The exact same distance is maintained between your headings of this chapter plus the paragraph.

Each chapter starts with a page that is new. The exact same guideline relates with other fundamental structural areas of the job: introduction, conclusion, set of literary works and applications. The task is carried away in an unified design in a clinical language, it will maybe not allow grammatical, punctuation, stylistic errors and typos.

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